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We are Chubby Bunny

Some of our more influencial influences include Primus, System of a down, Cannibal Corpse, the Doors, e.t.c... and many, many more.


We are based in Salinas, Monterey Co., CA.
We've been around since Novemer 1999.
We are finally putting a CD together.
75% of the band are original members.

A Short History:
3 weeks after formulating, our first performance was held at a talent show where we played one of our first songs, "Cretin Circus" which combined pop-goes-the-weasel with a Heavy song body and a circusy-feeling bridge. A week or two after that we played our second performance at S.H.S.'s Battle of the Bands which included 2 additional songs, "Chubby Bunny" and "P.S. I'm Nuts."

The Tail of the Drummers:

Since our first shows we've played a number of other shows with our first drummer, Joe Alves, who had to leave us to pursue a career in music recording engineering.

The band was put on hold until Adam Smith showed up and, even though he hadn't played for a couple years, his drumming impressed the rest of the band. He joined us and we played some more shows here and there.

Well as time passed so did other things. Adam had been with us a bit more than a year when he had to leave us. This hurt us very badly but not very long. A couple hours after Adam announced his departure a call was made and Karl Stearns answered the phone. Now Karl is the drummer.